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Jackpot Terms and conditions

Admission 1€ per person


(up to 5 people/team)


every Monday, 8.00pm


1 euro, 2 presenter, 3 rounds

The Celtic Cottage Pub Quiz


Your presenters Doctor M. and Igor Calzone will ask questions in three rounds to teams of max. 5 people from various themes. Your strategy should be to find a team which is able to reply to ALL categories, like: politics, economy, music, religion, gossip or science. The task catalogue is huge and the presenters never show any mercy!

The lucky winners get – alongside with fame and glory – a bottle original Irish whiskey or a bottle of Baileys. Losers will be happy to get a glass of gherkins but it is strictly forbidden to simulate stupidity to get them. In the final jack-pot round you play for neck or nothing. You are now trying to hit the jack-pot which contains the starting fee of 1 €/person and sometimes, after a couple of weeks, hundreds of Euros.

Now the golden rule:
If you think the challenge isn’t worth it and you know all answers, forget it, because the quizmaster is ALWAYS right. If you doubt it, please remember:
It’s not about to BE right, it’s about to GET the answer the presenter is looking for!

And when the presenter says: You are right... you are right!



Donnerstag & Samstag Live Music; Montag PubQuiz;

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